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About Heart 4 Hearts
Heart 4 Hearts is an organization that provides resources and referral services to ex-offenders who are returning into society following incarceration by providing skills needed for successful re-entry into their community and increase family stability by promoting healthy and productive lifestyles through counseling, employment service, housing, education and transportation.

Our program provides social and emotional learning programs to altar their life course to prevent re-entry into the prison system due to lack of resources. We promote positive values, education, counseling, and impart behavior patterns necessary for healthy functioning into our communities as returning, law abiding citizens.

Heart 4 Heart, Inc


June 2006 Rhoda Huxstable found herself facing a 6 year Felony Strike for a 1st time offense. The charge was reduced to 1 year of house arrest, paying restitution, 1 year of anger management and 14 days in jail. After being on probation for 3 years Rhoda found it difficult to find employment, so she went to school. In 2010, because of the community and ministry work that Rhoda did she received an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity. Five years later Rhoda was able to get her record expunged and obtain a professional job in the Human Resource field that she was accustom too. After interviewing several previously incarcerated persons and having to turn them down for employment, she knew that she had to do something to help. That’s when Heart 4 Hearts, Inc was birthed. 98% of our team members are ex-offender turned model citizen and now empowering others to greatness.Rhoda Huxstable truly has a heart 4 the hearts of the down trodden.

Rhoda B. Huxstable, President 

On an average 46% of persons released from prison will fall into recidivism, which means to relapse or in laymen’s term get arrested again. Most people that fall into recidivism do so because of unemployment, housing and just not willing to change. The services from Heart 4 Hearts will “Bridge the Gap” with participates and the community. The program should increase ex-offender and family stability and promote healthy, productive lifestyles. This will be done by providing empowerment sessions in job/career readiness to include: resume writing, interview etiquette and life skills. Also, to work close with other re-entry resources to service in the following areas: housing, financial tutoring/education, transportation, and/or parenting and family support. Funding raised through government grants and solicitation from private, public and corporations will be used for housing, direct service delivery, capital improvements, staff and volunteer support, training, and/or program expansion. All of the above in hopes to reduce recidivism and give a second chance to persons previously incarcerated as well as building community empowering one life at a time.​